Carbon Footprint &
Sustainability Consultancy

Carbon Footprints:

MMC can help your company with a wide range of services, this includes:

Carbon Accounting:

Our Carbon Accounting services include quantifying and reporting your corporate and product footprints in compliance with international standards and best practices. We also develop greenhouse gas inventories on the country, city and community scale. Identify your impact and opportunities for emission reductions as a first step to paving your way on the Sustainability Roadmap.

  • Calculate your carbon footprint in compliance with international standards
  • Select a calculation approach using REALTIME emission factors and parameters
  • Disclose the Carbon Footprint in any preferred format, ensuring transparency in the data reported
  • Provide an action plan listing opportunities to reduce emissions and save energy and money
  • A full-day training on Corporate Carbon Footprints AND YOUR IMPACT
  • Arrange verification of the corporate carbon footprint with leading third-party external auditors


Go that extra mile and purchase International Renewable Energy Certificates (IRECs) or Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from leading renewable energy and emission reduction projects in the region to take responsibility for your environmental impact that is attributed to your electricity production or consumption and reduce your reliance on fossil-fuel based power generation.

  • MMC partners with the issuers of the I-RECs.
  • MMC can help the registrant find potential buyers for the issued I-RECs.
  • I-RECs help convey the attributes of electricity generated from renewable resources to consumers.
  • Because RECs are monitored and verified, individual and organizational buyers can buy RECs and be confident that electricity generated on their behalf was done so with renewable energy resources.

Sustainability Consultancy

Our service offerings are designed to meet the immediate demands of a single project as well as to integrate sustainability into a company's ongoing operations. Our services includes the following:


To help companies better understand the changing context within which they operate, MMC has designed cutting-edge methodologies and tools for robust internal and external assessments.

Stakeholder Engagements

MMC provides networks and support to ensure sustainability strategies can succeed through engaging stakeholders at every level, both inside and outside a company.


MMC works with companies to set direction and design, and to implement a sustainability strategy that drives business value and benefits the company and stakeholders alike.

Implementation Support

MMC has unique implementation interventions to help companies achieve internal buy-in for sustainability ambitions and build accountability for performance, from leadership to the line.

Reporting and Communications

MMC is a leader in helping companies disclose sustainability performance and create reporting and communications approaches that show a sustainability commitment to stakeholders at every level.

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