Project Management

At MMC, Project consultancy services are responsible for leading a project, ensuring it’s completed according to project specifications, and that it achieves the desired results.

The role of MMC project management consultant typically involves some or all the following duties:

  • Performing a project assessment to define the scope and timeline of a project.
  • Costing the project to help develop a budget.
  • Identifying any impacted stakeholders.
  • Development of a project management plan.
  • Directing all aspects of the project including team members, employees, and vendors.
  • Procuring necessary materials for the project.
  • Ensuring the project stays on budget and timeline.
  • Overseeing quality management of the project.
  • Developing a project communication plan.
  • Training any needed stakeholders on new processes or systems.
  • Executing the project roadmap and tasks that need to be accomplished.
  • Monitoring and reporting back on project progress and KPIs.
  • Closing out the project and providing a final report.

MMC can be brought on to lead a team at an organization and guide them using project management best practices. Firms may also hire project management consulting services to take on the entire project and handle everything for them.


We have the expertise and experience needed to organize and map out a project as well as handle barriers and issues that may come up. Their expertise can help ensure a project is executed successfully and stays on track.


Often, using project management as a service will mean a team with project management certification will be heading a project, rather than those who are less experienced.

For example, many MMC project management personnel have special qualifications, such as Project Management Professional (PMP)®️ certification or Program Management Professional (PgMP)®️ certification.

Industry Knowledge

MMC are often brought on board a project because they bring a vast array of industry knowledge to the table that an organization may not have.

Since MMC work with so many different clients, We know the most efficient ways to manage projects, keep projects on budget, and overcome project road bumps.

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