Management Consultancy

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Process Re-engineering involves the radical redesign of core business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in productivity, cycle times and quality. In Business Process Re-engineering, companies start with a blank sheet of paper and rethink existing processes to deliver more value to the customer. They typically adopt a new value system that places increased emphasis on customer needs. Companies reduce organizational layers and eliminate unproductive activities.

This includes:

  • Redesign functional organizations into cross-functional teams.
  • Use technology to improve data dissemination and decision making.
  • Refocus company values on customer needs.
  • Reorganize a business into cross-functional teams with end-to-end responsibility for a process.
  • Rethink basic organizational and people issues.
  • Reduce costs and cycle time.
  • Improve business processes and quality across the organization.

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Development of Policies and Procedures

MMC develop operational policy and procedures that cover all business activities including, but not limited to, HR & Finance department.

The process of developing policies and procedures begins by recognizing the need for written information that addresses a facility goal or challenge. Policies are administrative tools that help employees attain the facility's goals. They describe what is to be done and why it is to be done. A description of the process or actions that comprise the commonly accepted ways to perform routine or repetitive tasks. Procedures are developed by administrators and are used by all personnel to help ensure that policies will consistently be carried out. The formalized and sequential process to develop policies and procedures are:

  • Define the Issue, Problem or Task.
  • Determine responsibility for development.
  • Develop a draft of the policy or procedure.
  • Review and analyze the policy/procedure Draft.
  • Revise the Policy/Procedure Draft.
  • Conduct a Final Review and Make Final Revisions.
  • .

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Organizational and Structure Development

The Organizational Structure is the relationship among organizational units (Divisions, Departments, Sections, units).

The HR Structure is the relationship among job holders (Hierarchy of supervision).

This service is provided for new entities structuring or restructuring of existing entities. This step is a crucial one during the entity’s lifecycle. As failure of customizing needs with corporate governance rules will lead the entity to complete failure in achieving its objectives.

We use practical methodologies comprising between international best practices, and business culture.

  • Technical specialization.
  • Smooth decision making and taking Succession Plans.
  • Implementation of HR functions as aligned with the best practice in the field.
  • Applying the laws and rules in force in relation to the Company's activity.

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Management Audit & Assessment

MMC’s team of highly qualified auditors is able to provide you with a range of audit and assessment services which can enable your organisation to focus improvement action where it will deliver the greatest benefits.

The outcomes of a sound audit approach should be:

  • Demonstrable compliance with legal and other requirements.
  • Effectively managed risks.
  • Significantly reduced costs.

Internal Auditing

A robust and effective internal audit programme is essential for maintaining a healthy management system. For this reason, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 55001 and every other management system standard specify key requirements for internal auditing.

Certification auditors and regulators will examine this area with keen interest.

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