Economical Consultancy


Our Economic Consulting professionals — highly regarded experts in finance, economics and accounting — assist in the economic valuation of tangible and intangible assets on behalf of our clients.MMC helps clients identify and understand the value of their businesses in both contentious and non-contentious situations.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an early stage assessment of a project. It examines whether the project can be practically and successfully delivered and scopes out the required components so that a financial model and risk assessment can be undertaken. Feasibility can be explored from a general project, technical, cost and/or financial perspective, among others. The level of feasibility required is proportionate to the scale and complexity of the project and an initial outline feasibility study can lead to a more detailed business case where required.

Funding Advisory

MMC can offer you our full expertise, to review your submission to the banks and or local funding authorities to obtain a loan or a fund in order to ensure that your request will be granted from the first time.

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