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ISO 20000 IT Service Management

Deliver the highest standards of internal and outsourced IT services.

If you want to provide the highest standards of internal or outsourced IT Service Management (ITSM), you need ISO 20000 certification. This international standard is already widely recognised by the IT industry as evidence of excellence in all areas of IT service provision. Following the ISO 20000 framework will give you a competitive advantage by ensuring your ITSM services are robust, efficient and responsive.

Why should I apply for ISO 20000 certification?

By becoming ISO 20000 certified, companies are showing a commitment to provide the highest standard of IT services, with a management system that ensures robustness, efficiency and responsiveness.

Here are some benefits of implementing ISO 20000

  1. Adopt an integrated approach to IT service delivery.
  2. Deliver consistently high standards of products and services.
  3. Reduce process errors and strengthen incident management.
  4. Improve response times and reduce interruptions to IT services.
  5. Reduce costs and increase revenues.
  6. Increase internal and external customers satisfaction.
  7. Improve its corporate image and credibility with customers.
  8. Increase employee understanding of roles and business objectives.
  9. Ensure employees are aware of and comply with relevant laws.
  10. Create a culture of continuous improvement among employees.
  11. Protect its brand, its assets, its shareholders, and its directors.
  12. Retain customers and win new business.

Certification Process

Certification couldn’t be simpler, thanks to our four stage process.

The first stage is the completion of an ISO compliant manual, which can be done by one of our experienced consultants, or by yourself using our templates.

Stage two is implementation. In this step, your new manual will need to be brought into use at your organisation. Our dedicated consultant will be at hand to advise you on the best ways to do this.

Stage three is certification. To achieve your ISO certification, 3rd party certification company must visit your organisation and ensure that the processes documented in your manual are being followed correctly.

The final stage is surveillance. Your manual and processes must be checked each year to ensure your certification remains valid.

The 4 Stages of ISO Certification

Using our ‘keep it simple’ approach to ISO, we have simplified the certification process into four easy to understand stages.

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